2015 Planner Layouts, Week #38

2015 Planner Layouts, Week #38

Wow! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I updated. I’m a little behind on my personal goal here. This goes to show why it’s so important to keep your planner handy, and keep it working for you! Yep, that’s a hint into my recent struggle. I got my new Happy Planner and have been terrified to write on the pages! Decorating is one thing, but tarnishing it’s beauty with my handwriting is another. Want to see how I filled it in last week?

Yep, everything was written on sticky notes. At first, it was so I could figure out how I wanted to write it all in to look nice and organized. Then, as the week went on, I got a little overwhelmed, freaked out, over my poor handwriting. I couldn’t get myself to commit. Geez, it’s only a planner, right? What’s wrong with me! 
So I decided to just do some decorating in it and maybe fill in a bit here and there about what was done during the week, kinda Memory Planner style. I even made the claim on Instagram that I may convert it, but who am I kidding, I want to make this planner work.for.me! This bound stack of pretty paper doesn’t own me, I own it! And, by golly, I’m gonna start acting like it. Anyway, here are some closeups; I really like how it turned out.

I also mentioned on Instagram how bulky this planner is. I really don’t feel too good about the exposed rings as well as how much calendar is in there. I may just have to order smaller rings and remove the last six months. Hopefully, that will be a workable solution to the bulk and I can carry it in my bag ring side up to appease my fear of dirtying the pages. 
Who knows, I’m still trying to perfect my planner team so it’s still subject to change again by the next time I do an update. So stay tuned to found out!

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