Word of the Year Update

Word of the Year Update

Hi Friends.

It’s been a solid thirteen weeks since I shared my Word of the Year- Pursue. I’m here today to offer you an update and hopefully some motivation to keep moving forward to meet your goals too. I’m happy to report that up to this point I have been able to keep Pursuing all my personal goals. I must credit a lot of my current success to the use of my planner system. To lay it out for you, I’ll recap my personal goals then what tools I’ve been using to accomplish each.

For years I’ve been getting by with status quo while taking care of littles and dealing with medical needs. As of last Fall, I’ve been free of my major medical issue so I had to figure out what to do with myself without the weekly doctor appointments. It’s the strangest feeling going from having to coordinate so many outside activities to not having many reasons to leave the house! My extra time gave me the opportunity to evaluate the next phase in my journey. Basically, that’s how I came upon the word Pursue for this year.

The first and foremost I wanted to Pursue was overall health. In order to make this happen, I new I needed a plan. These are the four areas I planned to focus on: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Relational. I also knew these were interdependent and if I could tackle the Spiritual and Emotional in a tangible way the other two would fall into place. My solution was to Write the Word and Journal every day, if possible. I was rapidly growing out of my new Filofax, so I converted it into my Spiritual Journal. As any Filofax user may agree, It’s hard to resist having one and not write in it as often as you can. For journaling, I just use a notebook I picked up that had a cute cover.

I strive to write in these every morning to start my day out with a clear mind and conscience. I call it my PB&J time {Prayer, Bible, & Journal}. I’m forgiving if it doesn’t happen but will make an effort to get back to it as soon as I can. There is definitely a difference when I miss too many journaling days because I feel anxious if I don’t get some things out of my head. Doing this task, even if I don’t feel like it, leaves me feeling accomplished. I won’t share much about the Physical and Relational because they’re too personal for a blog like this. I will say, I’m experiencing progress but they definitely have some built in flexibility as they can fluctuate so easily.

The next two areas I wanted to Pursue were more long term goals. I talked about them a bit in the last two months; you can read more in this post and this post. I have since been officially accepted into our local Community College and still hope to take a class this coming Fall. And Yes, I’m already thinking about my future College Planner! For my shop, GingerPaperCo, I’ve been working daily on prepping for a Summer Grand Opening. I’m so anxious to get it up and running that I’m considering a soft opening to provide downloadable products.

I ordered this academic Passion Planner when they were offering a clearance on 2015-2016 stock. I figured for the price, it couldn’t hurt, but this has really become a very important planner in my arsenal. It was a priority that I maintain a balance between home responsibilities and my pursuit of an Etsy shop. I was starting to struggle a bit but now that I’m mapping out my time hourly, I’ve gotten so much more done. I use this as my daily Business Planner and I plan my work tasks for the afternoons after all other responsibilities have been accomplished.

I’m so excited to finally share this update! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got a little motivation. I will be sharing my full planner system in the near future so stayed tuned for that. Don’t forget, if you want to be notified by email of the shop opening you can sign up here. Quantities on ready to ship products will be limited when GingerPaperCo opens this summer.

2016 Appointment List Printable~freebie

2016 Appointment List Printable~freebie

Hi There,

I hope you’ve been thinking about your motivational word of the year. This is my second year following this practice and I think it made a difference in some of my choices. We can all agree, self improvement is important to our personal growth. My word this year is Pursue because I’m moving into a new season as a mom with my youngest starting Kindergarten in August. This gives me the opportunity to pursue new adventures and I’m gonna go for it.

This year I will keep moving forward in the areas that are most important to me and my family. As a jump start, I began the application process to start college in the fall and I began prepping for the launch my Etsy shop. I’ve had these ideas lingering in my mind for years but for obvious reasons I had to wait until my boys got older. Eventually, I’m hoping to fund my courses through my shop. I will go into more detail when I have more finished product.

Until then, I want to share a printable I made awhile ago that has been very useful for this time of year. I use this form to log the appointments that each of my family members will need to have based on what is covered through our insurance plans.

Here’s a screen print of what the pdf looks like. I use a personal sized filofax so I made one file for the standard inserts and a second file in the size I like to use, 4×7 for more room. This is the first time I’ve shared a file online so hopefully it will work out right.

Click HERE for the 4×7 2016 Appointment List
Click HERE for the personal size 2016 Appointment List

What you see in the image is what would print on letter size paper. You can print this on the paper of your choice, including scrapbook paper. The outer lines are your cut lines, so it should be easy whether you use scissors or a cutter. You have room to add four family members per sheet; use the dotted lines as your guide for each name. I start my form by marking “N/A” in the slots I don’t have a need for (ie: under the male members for the Women’s Wellness appointments). I use the NOTES for what days work best for each member as a reminder when I make the calls. If needed, while on the call, I verify how much will be required out of pocket and notate accordingly.

This form has helped me keep tabs on what my family needs done while making sure I get what we pay for on our insurance. I hope this is just as useful for you.

Well, that’s it for now. I have several more printables that tie into this one so I may be rolling those out soon too. I’ve also been going through a planner needs change that I may get the time to share eventually but don’t hold me to it yet. 

My New Filofax

My New Filofax

Hey There,

Today has been an exciting day in the Hales House. I brought down most of our Christmas decorations and began setting up my vignettes to see what needs to be filled in. We have family coming in for Thanksgiving so I have plans to put them to work on house lights as soon as I can. My goal is to put our tree up on Black Friday so it will be like they get to celebrate both holidays with us. I think it a good plan, let’s hope it works out.

Now on to the real reason of this post, my new Filofax Compact Sage Botanics. I have wanted a Filofax as soon as I learned about them but never felt I could justify the cost when I had perfectly good Day Timers and Franklin Coveys. I mentioned in my last post how I spent time browsing eBay for a new to me Filofax and found a perfect match. I’m very grateful to the seller because she accidentally posted it for $15 without auction and honored her listing. I offered to pay for shipping but she declined. On top of all that, she included paperclips, dividers, project life cards, and even some Filofax note paper.

I lived in her setup for a couple weeks until I finally had a pretty good idea how I wanted to set it up for my current needs. I knew I wanted to DIY all my inserts in order to use up some of my stash. I ended up using my Planner Society Kit supplies to make everything. This is perfect because I was beginning to doubt the kits were my style since I had no inspiration for them before now. When it was all done, I had a dashboard, two dividers, and one flyleaf for the back.

These are by far my favorite shots. I love to have lots of clips sticking out the top of my planner. And that planner girl… she is so charming! The best part of this dashboard may be the word stickers {Be True, Be Kind, Be Thankful, Be Fabulous, Be Giving, Be Fearless, Be You}.

Here are my two dividers and flyleaf. Yes, only two! I currently only need my weekly pages and a brain dump. It’s a compact size so I am taking it slow in filling it to the max. You may not be able to see the labels but the calendar dividers says “#sheplans” and the notes divider says “#checkthat”. The labeled tabs are the brainchild of Christy Tomlinson and she graciously included them in our October TPS kits. The flyleaf is to cover the zipper and I can use it for any miscellaneous stuff I need back there.

One more shot of my planner girl and the pockets I get to fill with pretties. I’m testing out my DIY inserts before attempting to share them here. If you have any favorites, I would love to hear about ’em.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to my new planner. I’m feeling pretty hopeful I’ll be able to make this one work for the long haul.