2016 Planner Layout, Week# 46

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 46

Hi There!

I’m keeping it short and sweet today because this lovely little layout post was supposed to be here two Tuesdays ago. It seems I started vacation as soon as I hit publish two weeks ago! I’m so grateful I was able to stay present with my family on our awesome vacation but I can’t believe this slipped my mind. Especially since I kept updating my planner daily for a quick reference of what we got to do. So without further ado, let’s begin.2016 Planner Layout, Week# 46

I may say this every time I share a pastel layout but this really is my favorite color scheme to use in my planner. I’m pretty sure these layouts offer the closest feeling I’ve ever been to planner peace. While I’m on the subject of pastels, have you seen Violet’s Instagram? She is living my pastel planner dream life! Gah, you gotta check her out!

Let’s get back on track for this weeks layout post. I wanted to share another series of stickers readily available and compatible to the Passion Planner. I hit up my local Michaels store specifically for this purpose. I felt it was perfect timing with all the new planner products the Recollections brand is bringing out. I used two sets from their line: the Creative Year Blush & Mint Stickers  and the Creative Year Blush & Mint Sticky Notes.

I’m so proud of myself for remembering to take pics before jumping into my layout. They really are a gorgeous set of stickers and stickies. Here’s how my layout looks #beforetheink.

I can’t believe how perfectly these stickers fit in this planner! I love how everything coordinates so nicely. I will definitely snatch up any new products in this color palette. Combining these sets touched all the bases: gloss, matte, gold, pastel, femininity and texture! Let’s look at some closeups too.

Let’s finish up with my end of the week results. I did my best to write extra neat and took advantage of the stickies to redo any bits I didn’t like. I was having an awesome time and have no regrets forgoing several of the tasks listed. The memories far outweighed the responsibilities in this case.

I hope you enjoyed this layout post and maybe found some inspiration too.

This season is proving to have many challenges so I’ll be taking a longer excursion this month to make sure my priorities remain intact. I’ll be returning to my normal schedule as soon as the dust settles. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 45

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 45

Hi There!

I’m happy to be here with another planner layout but why does it seem like the weeks are flying by!

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 45

For this layout I want to feature another sticker shop that I’ve had in my stash for too long. This sticker set is the “Purple Paisley Boxes and Flags” made by Little Lullaby by Diana but she has since changed her shop name to The Police Wife Planner.

I purchased this set when I was trying to build up my sticker collection. Now that I’ve used it, I realize I should have ordered some coordinating elements. I have five more sets so I may need to scoop those up before I forget.

Without the extras, I had to get a little creative but I think this set worked out pretty good. It’s always nice to find stickers that can fit just about any size planner. I layered the flags with my daily routine labels and icons. Yes, I realize the font is too light on some of these but I’m trying to use them up.

From the looks of this #endoftheweek spread, I think I stayed sufficiently productive but it seems I’ve been slacking on writing down the extra tasks I do. I literally bounce from one thing to the next and back again so I need to get a grip on tracking what I actually accomplish at my desk.

I spent two days working on some Friday new releases for my shop and I was good to go until my youngest got sick at school. Life happened and it completely slipped my mind to activate the listings. So I’m being more attentive this week to make sure I do better notations and don’t miss any more major deadlines.

I’ll leave you with this quote from the Business Boutique conference I recently attended. I’m planning to share more about this event on Thursday so I hope to see you then.

God created you on purpose, with a purpose. ~Christy Wright
2016 Planner Layout, Week# 44

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 44

Hi Friends.

I’m back from the most amazing business conference I have ever been to. I’ll be sharing the details soon but wanted to let you know it’s the main reason why my planner was so bare. This weeks layout post may be a bit disappointing to some but, on the flip side, refreshing to know that planner chicks don’t have it together 100% of the time.

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 44For this week I wanted to show that any stickers can work in the Passion Planner so I chose a couple pages from the Create 365 sticker pack. You can take a look at the exact one here. I was happy to see there was a color combo that perfectly matched the washi I wanted to use. These packs are made to fit the Happy Planners but with a bit of trimming they can work any way you want.

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 44

I love how this spread turned out but I’m glad I used some of my retail stickers for this layout since I didn’t get to really enjoy them. The MAMBI team really did a great job coordinating the different elements in a way that most of us planner girls like to do our layouts.

After completing this layout, I got to work getting myself ready for the upcoming conference. Since I was working so haphazardly, I used stickies to track what I needed and wanted to do. I didn’t want to risk making too many mistakes and dread showing you later. All that to say, I transferred my notes before taking the final shots and added a few by memory.

Friend, I have gotten my first sale ever! I don’t know how long most shops wait to get their first sale but I’m so proud that it landed on my two month shop anniversary. I think that is AWESOME!!! You can probably imagine my excitement for actually getting to add that notation to my list this week.

Ha, speaking of notations, I thought I would have time to work on the items on my “Remember” list. Jokes on me; the conference was jam packed with information. They provided a workbook to take notes from all the speakers including the breakout sessions but by the time I got back to the hotel all I could do was rest from the information overload. I had the best time. There’s a lot to process and I can’t wait to share it with you.

I’ll be back next week with another planner layout and a bit about the conference. See you then.

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 43

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 43

Hi Friends!

It’s time again for another planner layout… already! This week has flown by and I’m so glad I documented most of the tasks that got done this week. Our weekend was filled will lots of fun Halloween Activities with our friends and neighbors. Let’s get started, I can’t wait to share this week.

AngieHalesCreates~ 2016 Planner Layout, Wk# 43

I am finding that pastels really are my favorite to use in my planner. It doesn’t hurt that Gabi’s Paper Co made the most gorgeous pink and gray kit. I’m also really favoring skinny and floral washi right now. I think this #beforetheink is gonna be tough to beat.

AngieHalesCreates~ 2016 Planner Layout, Wk# 43

I love that I was able to make these personal size stickers work in my Passion Planner. Here’s a tip, if you have boxes that are a bit too big; place them on wax paper then cut to size. You may notice in the image below, I didn’t figure that out until after I placed my Today headers. Honestly, I goofed on several bits this week but who’s keeping track anyway.

I’ve been holding on to this goodness for months! Jennifer really knocked it outta the park with this kit. It’s so soft, dainty, and perfectly feminine. I like how my DIY words coordinate nicely too.

Are you ready to see my end of the week chicken scratch? I really hate making notation mistakes in my planner, but not so much that I’m willing to use pencil. Oh Well.

I didn’t do much pre-planning for my week because I knew how limited my time would be. I had four outside activities on top of prepping for an upcoming conference out of town. So, I was keeping busy and had to remind myself to write down tasks before moving onto the next. I’d like to point out that we have a new Zaxby’s in town, hence the multiple meals we had there this week. Don’t judge, it was a busy week for us! Technically, I attempted to meal plan, it just didn’t work out as planned.

Well, that covers my week. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my layout and got a bit of inspiration too. I’ll be back Thursday with an update to my schedule and what I hope to do with this blog. See you then.

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 42

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 42

Hey There!

I’m back again with another planner layout. I’m excited to share my new Passion Planner and the way I customized it. I spent a lot of time resizing stickers to fit this model. I also customized word stickers to coordinate with my morning routine and whatever miscellaneous tasks I do throughout the week. I love how everything turned out.

AngieHalesCreates~ 2016 Planner Layout, Week# 42

For starters, on this #beforetheink, you can see most of the custom word stickers I made. I realize it takes lots longer to add these stickers as opposed to just handwriting them but I dislike my handwriting enough that it’s well worth it to me. I’m hoping to add many of these to GingerPaperCo soon. I just love these colors together!

And here goes the full spread with my notations. I worked on these stickers on/off all week so that’s why it looks like I haven’t gotten much done. The reality is, there just isn’t much time between dropping off and picking up my boys. Throwing a sick kid into the mix just really makes things a little harder to manage. That being said, I consider this past week a win in the whole scheme of things.

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 42

I’m having difficulty adjusting to the timing of natural lighting right now. It seems that my perfect lighting isn’t available until about 2pm and I’m just not patient enough to wait that long. I gotta get things done; like making that ribbon bookmark!

This is my second Passion Planner and I wanted to have some pretty stuff attached to it too. I added a ribbon to my last one so I just stepped it up a notch this time. I like that I can divide the ribbons to bookmark different areas in my planner and still have the tassel look. Function meets Fun.

Well there you have it for last weeks planner layout. I hope you liked it and you’re inspired to do more in your own planner. I’ll be back next week with another layout featuring a set from another Etsy shop you should check out. See you then!

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 41

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 41

Hey There!

Welcome back to weekly planner layouts! I’m so excited to finally get back into the swing of things and getting my planner ready for the week ahead. In the past, I’ve done my spreads before the ink but I’m gonna try to do both. I don’t make any promises on consistency as I figure out how to make these posts appealing and motivating. Either way, I hope you’ll stick around.

AngieHalesCreates~2016 Planner Layout Week# 41

I really wanted to get another Passion Planner but the price was a lot more than I wanted to spend on my planner. I knew if I really searched, I probably could find a good substitute. I found this one at Barnes & Noble for a price I was comfortable with and it had the format I had been wanting; monthlies ahead of vertical weeklies. I liked everything about it so it came home with me.

This planner is pretty close to an A5 size and thought I could make it work in my new TUL Discbound Notebook. I took out a few note pages from the back to test punch. I could definitely make it work but I would need to washi all the punched edges to make sure they stayed put. I wasn’t willing to commit to that for the long haul so I put that idea aside.

As with any new planner, it’s hard to make that first mark in it because they are so pretty when they are newbies. Even so, I needed to get a move on. I decided to use a mini kit I had gotten from Little Dog Paper Co. months earlier.

This kit was sized perfectly for this calendar and I love the colors! I added a few of my own stickers and left it at that for now. I didn’t want to over plan, since my boys would be home for the week, so I included only a few necessities and decided to see how things work out.

This spread is pretty bare compared to what I would normally do. I wanted to be sensible and decided I would add in details as the days went, then maybe fill in any bothersome gaps. I posted this #beforetheink on Instagram and wouldn’t you know, I discover my coveted Passion Planner is on sale for 50% off! I definitely ran right over to get my hands on the Undated Compact Monday planner.

All that to say, this adorable and functional Do It All planner will be making a one time appearance. That evening, a friend said she needed to get a planner. Ha! Guess where this new baby is going? I don’t think she’ll mind a free planner with one week of my notes in it.

Knowing that I’d be sending this planner to a new home, I opted not to embellish it any further. Instead, I filled in most of what I had going on so I could take pics before I lost my window of opportunity. I even made a Flipagram to show the inside for anyone interested and just in case I’m drawn back to it.

Well that’s it for now; I’ll be back Thursday with a follow-up lifestyle post. Hopefully I’ll be ready to share my new Passion Planner layout with you next week.

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 20

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 20

Hey There!
Welcome back to another weekly layout post. I know we all love to take a look at other planners and how they get set up and used. I’m still working out of my Passion Planner and really love how the weekly spread and notes areas are set up. I think the best part of having multiple planners is how you can switch out to use what works best at whatever stage you are at.
For this weeks layout, I decided it was time to use up some of my Planner Society Kit goodies. I tend to start my layouts by deciding on my washi first. Then I work from top to bottom adding in my daily task stickers. The TPS kits are very useful because soo many coordinating elements are included in each monthly kit. This particular kit had all the colors I love to use in my planners.
I’ve mentioned my desire to keep my priorities balanced so listing out my morning routine this way really helps to keep accountable. I may not complete them daily but without this guide I’m more likely to get distracted from household responsibilities. With so many endeavors this year, I really needed a place to filter and I feel that is accomplished in this tiny little planner.
While I mostly need my planner to be functional, I also need to do at least one activity that is just for me! I fill the needs to create and have pretty things around me by decorating my planner. I know many old school planner people may not get the point, but if your a creative, I encourage you to bring a little of your craft into your planner.
I really appreciate you coming by to take a look at my planner layout. The funny thing about creative people is our need to share with others in hopes of encouraging them to be creative too.

I’ll see you back here next week with another planner layout. I also want to mention some behind the scenes improvements such as moving to WordPress and merging this blog with my upcoming shop. Speaking of, don’t forget to sign up here to be notified by email when my Etsy goes live.

PS: there will be an awesome deal for the first fifty sales!