Something I Love

Something I Love

Hey There,

I hope you’ve been well. I love the change of seasons but not the allergies that come along with them. I’ve been sick twice within a week, just from spending time in the awesome weather.  Anywho, that’s my reason for lack of #DMIO posts. I figured since I’m behind, that gives me license to choose from the topics I haven’t covered. You can tell by the title what I chose but I’m changing it up a bit to include different areas of interest to me. 

Let’s start with pens! I was once a hoarder of pens but at some point I realized keeping them in a bin was doing them no justice. I’m a bit more selective now and my collection has improved a lot. I have a few faves, such as the Flair Pens and Staedtlers, but my current go to is the Frixion Erasable pen! At the moment, these are the only pens I use (and don’t share). I have never been a fan of my own handwriting so these have been my saving grace in my planners. 

Next in the lineup is my closet office {makeover}; does a makeover qualify? I hope so because I’m loving the process of pulling together my MomCave in a house of boys! I was inspired by the pastel movement but when I found my Kate Spade Gold/Hot-Pink Elyce Brag Book my color pallet developed quickly. My newest addition is a chandelier to replace my current lighting situation. As you can see, my lighting is very poor and inconsistent. If you want to see a few more sneak peeks, browse my planner layout posts or check me out on Instagram. I’m hoping to eventually do a full reveal but, as all things go ,it will take some time to complete. 

I’m including one more item off my list of current loves. As a mom of two young boys, personal enrichment can be vital to my emotional health. I’m fortunate enough to belong to a healthy, vibrant church that encourages community and discipleship. As such, the group of ladies I meet with regularly have started a new study by Priscilla Shirer called Breathe. I have read many books/studies in my time but never has a book transformed the dynamics of my family! I would  fall short of doing it any justice if I tried to explain it to you. Instead, if you feel disconnected, discouraged, or maybe misdirected I want to encourage you to take a look at this book. 

Well, that’s it for tonight. This next week is Fall Break and my hubby took the time off too. So I’m either going to have extra time to write or be fighting for some free time to get it done. Either way, both of those is better than being sick in bed! 
Get to Know Me

Get to Know Me

via Snail Mail Love

Hey There!

I’m so excited to be starting a fun little challenge this month. I love a challenge that falls in line with any of my plans/goals for what I want to be doing. You can find more details on Fab’s blog, Snail Mail Love, here and read her first entry here as well as others at the end of her post.

You can tell from the title of this post today’s topic is getting to know the blogger. I like this prompt because it allows me the freedom to share more about myself than I would normally feel is suitable for this platform. We all know that most people DO NOT like talking about themselves, myself included, so to make this fun I will be sharing what I hope will be fun, interesting, maybe embarrassing, and who knows what else will come up. Let’s get started shall we…

{I have 12 siblings}
Yep, it’s true and no we don’t all have the same mom. Technically, my dad has eleven children! My mom has had six of those; two without my dad! For those of you who like numbers here are a few for you… ’61, ’62, ’63, ’64, ’65, ’67, ’70, ’73, ’75, ’76, ’78, and two after that I don’t know yet. All I can say to this is Rabbits!

{My Love/Hate Relationship}
I love to take pictures but hate HATE being in them. I’m the epitome of ‘the camera adds ten pounds’, only it’s more like 100 lbs! You know, like marshmallow face or something! Did I say HATE yet?!?

{Walt Disney World}
I’m not a mega fan but I did work there! It was my first job and the only one I don’t like to admit to. Here’s why; when you tell people that you were a character at WDW, many many questions ensue and you pretty much end up talking about yourself. Who wants to prompt that kind of attention!?!

{Most Embarrassing}
I’m excited to share this one because I own it, and it includes yummy donuts! When I worked in retail, I was to open the store one fine Sunday, but not before stopping for some chocolate mini donuts. My all time favorite since as along as I can remember!! I’m not sure how long into the morning this occurred but at some point a customer made an odd to me random comment about “stopping the donut truck”. Um, what? Eventually, I got it and if you really need me to tell you the moral of the story let me know.

{I CAN’T kill bugs}
Yeah, this sounds strange, certainly gross, and especially shutter inducing. When I say “can’t”, I mean physically impossible. It’s the noise, the squishing, the potential for goo… all of the above! I go into panic mode if it is down right necessary for me to deal with this situation on my own. I’ve even called friends at home to come rescue me! This is serious stuff in my book.

OK, I that’s enough for now before I do myself some emotional harm. It’s not much but I hope it helps you to know me a little more than the formal stuff you usually read about on info pages. Hey, if you want to read more, don’t forget to check out Fab’s space. You can also follow #DoMoreInOctober on Instagram.