2015 Planner Layouts, Week #39

2015 Planner Layouts, Week #39

Hey There,

Welcome back to another week of how I decorated my planner. The time is flying by so I’m grateful to be taking the extra time to embellish my planner. It’s the best chance I get at crafting some weeks since I’m in the midst of an office makeover and doing preschool with my youngest. Neither of those takes a lot of my time but staying on top of chores and quality family time does.

Let’s get into the pics, shall we. Here’s my full layout with a peek at my closet office progress so far. My color scheme is developing slowly but so far you can see I have watermelon and some teal going on. Since discovering the Frixion pens they are the only pens I will write with in my planner. This image also includes a shot of my monthly calendar and my current blog planner/prelim spread.

Did you catch that about the ‘prelim spread’? That’s my current solution to relieve my anxiety about not liking my layout before I decorate at the end of the week. Here’s what a planning session looks like for me. I pull out my blog planner, monthly calendar, my brain dump notebook, and also my Preschool planner {not shown}. You can see how I have my Happy Planner propped up for inspiration; it would normally be the week before but I thought of sharing this after I finished this week so that’s what you see here.

I use the blog planner to list out all my To Do’s with my Frixion pens on the top row. The next row I try to set aside for preschool lesson information, and the last I use for planning out how I want work out my blogging/Instagram schedule. I’ve found I need to keep lots of flexibility in my schedule because I’m not as disciplined as I would like to be. Once the week is complete, I transfer the information into my Happy Planner and embellish to my hearts content.

I use the note section on the left side as an overview for the week. You can see my daily chores, ‘this week’, ‘preschool’, and ‘grateful’ section headers that I made for this purpose. I went with a plethora of stickers this week to use up some of my supply.

That’s it for today. I’m hoping to receive my September Planner Society Kit real soon; I’ll share as soon as I do!

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