Update: Blog Transition

Update: Blog Transition

Hi Friends!

Today I want share how I’m transitioning this blog to be a tool for reaching my goals. As such, I want to share my successes, failures, and what I’m learning along the way. Writing my progress here offers accountability and requires me to thoughtfully articulate what I have to say.

Spoiler Alert!! I have struggles along the way, and you will too. It’s how I choose to learn from them that determines my next steps or how I need to adjust my plans. I have a very recent example for you. I’ve mentioned before that opening an Etsy shop was on my mind for many years. Well, as I was in the process of finalizing my opening, I lost focus of the whole purpose of it. To this day, I haven’t gotten my first sale! Am I discouraged? No. I’m actually quite comfortable with it because I met that goal to start my own shop!

It’s such a healthy reminder

Sometimes where we want to go may only be a stepping stone to where we really belong. I truly believe that I wanted to have my own shop to finally get my ideas out there but it’s so much more than that. This littleish goal built up my confidence to dream bigger. I have big ideas and there is so much that goes into them.  When I realized I could use Etsy to relieve the financial burden of working toward my passion, that was my confirmation to move forward. I have renewed invigoration to improve my shop and trust that it will do exactly that when the timing is right.

If things work out the way I’m hoping, I’ll be able to follow this blog schedule:

weekly: Tuesday Planner Layouts

biweekly: Thursday Updates/Lifestyle Posts

Occasionally there will be printables on whichever day they’re applicable. I’m also considering posting new releases for GingerPaperCo on the days those fall.

Moving forward, my hope is that as I develop a strategy, I’m able to seamlessly mesh my lifestyle posts in with my creative ones. Both are very important to me but my creative endeavors are an outlet and a resource to allow me to pursue helping others. When I speak of creative, I’m referring to planner related posts and printables that reflect what I’m currently using to keep me moving forward. My lifestyle posts allow you to see what I’m moving towards on a personal level.

Currently, I’m trying to figure out the best way to articulate my ministry without being too vague, while being sensitive to what I put on the internet. Ideally, I’ll be able to give a positive vibe without disregarding the seriousness of the plight we overlook. Until I get my words figured out, I’ll be writing about a couple websites, doing a book review, and maybe review the conference I’m heading to next week. I’m excited about my current lineup for Thursdays. I really hope you’ll continue this journey with me.

See you next week.