2016 Planner Layout, Week# 46

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 46

Hi There!

I’m keeping it short and sweet today because this lovely little layout post was supposed to be here two Tuesdays ago. It seems I started vacation as soon as I hit publish two weeks ago! I’m so grateful I was able to stay present with my family on our awesome vacation but I can’t believe this slipped my mind. Especially since I kept updating my planner daily for a quick reference of what we got to do. So without further ado, let’s begin.2016 Planner Layout, Week# 46

I may say this every time I share a pastel layout but this really is my favorite color scheme to use in my planner. I’m pretty sure these layouts offer the closest feeling I’ve ever been to planner peace. While I’m on the subject of pastels, have you seen Violet’s Instagram? She is living my pastel planner dream life! Gah, you gotta check her out!

Let’s get back on track for this weeks layout post. I wanted to share another series of stickers readily available and compatible to the Passion Planner. I hit up my local Michaels store specifically for this purpose. I felt it was perfect timing with all the new planner products the Recollections brand is bringing out. I used two sets from their line: the Creative Year Blush & Mint Stickers  and the Creative Year Blush & Mint Sticky Notes.

I’m so proud of myself for remembering to take pics before jumping into my layout. They really are a gorgeous set of stickers and stickies. Here’s how my layout looks #beforetheink.

I can’t believe how perfectly these stickers fit in this planner! I love how everything coordinates so nicely. I will definitely snatch up any new products in this color palette. Combining these sets touched all the bases: gloss, matte, gold, pastel, femininity and texture! Let’s look at some closeups too.

Let’s finish up with my end of the week results. I did my best to write extra neat and took advantage of the stickies to redo any bits I didn’t like. I was having an awesome time and have no regrets forgoing several of the tasks listed. The memories far outweighed the responsibilities in this case.

I hope you enjoyed this layout post and maybe found some inspiration too.

This season is proving to have many challenges so I’ll be taking a longer excursion this month to make sure my priorities remain intact. I’ll be returning to my normal schedule as soon as the dust settles. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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