2016 Planner Layout, Week# 42

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 42

Hey There!

I’m back again with another planner layout. I’m excited to share my new Passion Planner and the way I customized it. I spent a lot of time resizing stickers to fit this model. I also customized word stickers to coordinate with my morning routine and whatever miscellaneous tasks I do throughout the week. I love how everything turned out.

AngieHalesCreates~ 2016 Planner Layout, Week# 42

For starters, on this #beforetheink, you can see most of the custom word stickers I made. I realize it takes lots longer to add these stickers as opposed to just handwriting them but I dislike my handwriting enough that it’s well worth it to me. I’m hoping to add many of these to GingerPaperCo soon. I just love these colors together!

And here goes the full spread with my notations. I worked on these stickers on/off all week so that’s why it looks like I haven’t gotten much done. The reality is, there just isn’t much time between dropping off and picking up my boys. Throwing a sick kid into the mix just really makes things a little harder to manage. That being said, I consider this past week a win in the whole scheme of things.

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 42

I’m having difficulty adjusting to the timing of natural lighting right now. It seems that my perfect lighting isn’t available until about 2pm and I’m just not patient enough to wait that long. I gotta get things done; like making that ribbon bookmark!

This is my second Passion Planner and I wanted to have some pretty stuff attached to it too. I added a ribbon to my last one so I just stepped it up a notch this time. I like that I can divide the ribbons to bookmark different areas in my planner and still have the tassel look. Function meets Fun.

Well there you have it for last weeks planner layout. I hope you liked it and you’re inspired to do more in your own planner. I’ll be back next week with another layout featuring a set from another Etsy shop you should check out. See you then!

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