On a More Personal Note

On a More Personal Note

Hi Friends!

Today, I want to elaborate on my journey and what worked for me on a personal level. I kinda feel as if I put the cart before the horse with my last post. I do that a lot when I’m excited about something. I’d like to fill in any gaps I may have missed and be more organized moving forward.

Allow me to share how I got started on this journey to discovering my passion.

It all clicked at the end of 2015 after completing my first Word of the Year. I practiced “consistency” almost consistently for a whole year! With that mini win, I decided 2016 was the year to get on track. We were going through some lifestyle changes that I needed to get a grip on. In addition, my youngest would be starting school. I had to decide whether I would go back to work or not. I wanted to do what was best for my family so I thought about it a lot!

It took a lot of prayer to finally get my 2016 Word of the Year, Pursue. I previously shared the details and my plan with this update post. By the time of that update I had already created my Goal Mapping Worksheet and was jumping leaps and bounds over my goals. I was so proud of myself. Shortly thereafter, opportunities were starting to present themselves and I was asked to write down my vision.

That’s when I wrote my original draft I mentioned last week. This was way before making my list that turned into my Roadmap Worksheet. I know it’s messy, poorly articulated, and not very motivating in appearance but it got me started. I had no clue where to start so I just wrote down ideas I had bouncing around in my head.

Once I had that, I starting writing out some notes to hash out some details of the program I thought I was being led to develop. After I wrote and pondered what I had here, I realized …

How in the world would I ever be able to accomplish such a big idea!

I wasn’t fully prepared, so I went into meltdown mode. Actually, it wasn’t that dramatic. It was more like being in a dry desert… Alone. Bye Bye pride. I knew I wasn’t ready. In fact, I was putting the cart before the horse, again! So I set it aside… for the whole summer. At the time, I didn’t know this would become the catalyst to digging further into my God-given purpose and creating tools to help me.

I want to point out that setbacks are a valuable lesson in the natural progression of pursuing your passion. If it wasn’t for my trepidation, I would not have thought so deeply about figuring out my barriers. It took me awhile to start to get back on track. I was floundering until a friend asked about balancing the future, reminding me of a list I had started for myself. My spark was back and I stretched my list into the seven steps that make up my roadmap worksheet. Having to think through explaining my method opened me up to receive more clarity in my own purpose.

This is your opportunity to really get to know what makes you tick.

When I finally got to the point of establishing my roadmap, something unexpected happened. The answers to many of the questions required me to revisit where/when the seeds {of My Vision, My Passion, and My Purpose} were planted. I’m being a bit vague here, but I couldn’t answer these questions without facing some of my deepest and hardest experiences that I wanted to keep hidden from the world. Yet, what I realized was that my trauma is the fuel behind my passion!

Working through your roadmap is not intended to be used as a tool to reinvent who you want to be.  You see, If I choose to keep my secrets, it would be my burden to bear alone. If I open myself up and use them to help others then they lose their power and I can do the impossible. It is my deepest desire that women of all walks of life realize their value and the impact they can have. You may not have a similar story to mine but I guarantee there is something calling you to discover more about your purpose.

Now I understand that ultimately my desire is to help women just like me. I intend to be more transparent as I traverse this new terrain in hopes that I’ll help someone along the way. I’ll follow up soon with more information regarding how I’ve been moving forward while trying to pace myself.

Until next time, I hope this gets you thinking.

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