2016 Planner Layout, Week# 41

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 41

Hey There!

Welcome back to weekly planner layouts! I’m so excited to finally get back into the swing of things and getting my planner ready for the week ahead. In the past, I’ve done my spreads before the ink but I’m gonna try to do both. I don’t make any promises on consistency as I figure out how to make these posts appealing and motivating. Either way, I hope you’ll stick around.

AngieHalesCreates~2016 Planner Layout Week# 41

I really wanted to get another Passion Planner but the price was a lot more than I wanted to spend on my planner. I knew if I really searched, I probably could find a good substitute. I found this one at Barnes & Noble for a price I was comfortable with and it had the format I had been wanting; monthlies ahead of vertical weeklies. I liked everything about it so it came home with me.

This planner is pretty close to an A5 size and thought I could make it work in my new TUL Discbound Notebook. I took out a few note pages from the back to test punch. I could definitely make it work but I would need to washi all the punched edges to make sure they stayed put. I wasn’t willing to commit to that for the long haul so I put that idea aside.

As with any new planner, it’s hard to make that first mark in it because they are so pretty when they are newbies. Even so, I needed to get a move on. I decided to use a mini kit I had gotten from Little Dog Paper Co. months earlier.

This kit was sized perfectly for this calendar and I love the colors! I added a few of my own stickers and left it at that for now. I didn’t want to over plan, since my boys would be home for the week, so I included only a few necessities and decided to see how things work out.

This spread is pretty bare compared to what I would normally do. I wanted to be sensible and decided I would add in details as the days went, then maybe fill in any bothersome gaps. I posted this #beforetheink on Instagram and wouldn’t you know, I discover my coveted Passion Planner is on sale for 50% off! I definitely ran right over to get my hands on the Undated Compact Monday planner.

All that to say, this adorable and functional Do It All planner will be making a one time appearance. That evening, a friend said she needed to get a planner. Ha! Guess where this new baby is going? I don’t think she’ll mind a free planner with one week of my notes in it.

Knowing that I’d be sending this planner to a new home, I opted not to embellish it any further. Instead, I filled in most of what I had going on so I could take pics before I lost my window of opportunity. I even made a Flipagram to show the inside for anyone interested and just in case I’m drawn back to it.

Well that’s it for now; I’ll be back Thursday with a follow-up lifestyle post. Hopefully I’ll be ready to share my new Passion Planner layout with you next week.

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