2016 Planner Layout, Week# 12

2016 Planner Layout, Week# 12

Hey There!

Here we go again! I hope you’re on board for some St. Patrick’s Day fun. I shared my freebie in advance so today I’ll be sharing how I put it together in my Happy Planner. But first, as always, we start with my CarpeDiem layout.

CarpeDiem Week# 12

I wasn’t in love with this spread when I first finished it but it’s growing on me. Maybe it was the many mishaps that ensued just to get to this point. Ugh! Long story short, I punched the holes using my Personal size punch and didn’t realize my mistake until I was done and went to put them in my A5 planner! Yep, that happened and I was not regurgitating this spread just to make it photo perfect.
These stickers really look so much better in these shots because they’re very toned down. There’s lots of shine and a bit of gold all over! My green sheets look pastel blue against all the bright green, don’t they? I was really admiring that mug of beer after having to repunch these pages.
I just noticed that I forgot my dates, headers, and tasks! Did I mention all the mishaps already? Actually, when I tried to reprint them on clear paper they jammed twice!! That’s when I stomped off and forgot to hand write them before taking these photos. Never a dull moment here folks.

Happy Planner Week# 12

“Be Present In All Things”; that quote just jumps right out at you doesn’t it? I mentioned in my freebie post that I kept the color scheme muted to give a soft, feminine feel to the set. I never coordinate colors when I create a sticker set so it’s always a nice surprise when they match this good.  
How fun is that calendar cover! That was the final touch I added to this set; I love it. When I style these sets for you, I try not to be too uniform so that you’re encouraged to think outside the box.

I know I say this every time, but I really love this set. I would definitely use this for Spring. I hope you got your freebie and love it too. I’ll be back next Tuesday with another layout post then I’ll see you in April.

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