Planner Appointment Printables- freebie

Planner Appointment Printables- freebie

Hey There,

I am very sorry for those of you who have been waiting for this post. I’ve had a really crazy two weeks on the home front and just realized I forgot to post the additional printables to go with the 2016 Appointment List. I was all gung-ho about rolling out these promised posts in order but got overly excited about sharing my layouts and never finished this post. Also, if you need to print the coordinating appointment list check that out here.

Appointment Record

I made these printables very tight to fit as many blocks as possible for each size. I’ve been using this printable for years to make these records easily accessible and tidy. If you are planning to use this form along with the Appointment List you could record the date and mark it as a “Healthy” appointment.  If you get sick before that healthy appointment you have a little indicator already in place. I don’t go into to much detail when recording the results; just a prognosis if applicable, and whether a prescription was written. If you need more room to write you could attach a sticky note or use the back of the form. I encourage you to use this form to track your weight each visit. Doing so will help you to see if there are any unhealthy gains/losses between appointments. Finally, don’t forget to write down when your follow up should be.

Please keep in mind these are intended for functionality but if you want to pretty them up you could print them onto scrapbook paper. Simply print the file you need onto letter paper and use the line to cut to size. Keep in mind some printers try to adjust the sizing so check that first. Also, I’m a novice at creating printables so I don’t make them duplex. 


Appointment Stickers

click image to open

Here’s a bonus for you if you like to use stickers in your calendar to make your appointments stand out. I made four sizes but kept them simple since we all have different preferences. The icon indicators are {bottom left to right} primary care, optical, dental, women’s wellness, and breast checks are indicated by the pink ribbon. These can be printed directly onto your choice of paper then fussy cut.

I know cutting can be a pain so I’ll offer them in my shop too. They will be available in color and on separate sheets. Quantities on ready to ship product will be limited, so if you want to be notified by email of my shop opening you can sign up here.

I hope you like these and can get some use out of them. These were made by me for your personal use only. If you wish to share this with your friends please send them back to this post to retrieve the files.

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