Hey Girls!

Hey Girls!

Hey There!

I have seriously missed my time on here! I don’t really like doing “MIA” post so I’ll skip it and keep moving forward. I’m so desperate to get back into the swing of blogging that I’m willing to do a picture-less post. This is serious, y’all! I broke my desktop computer, and my netbook refuses to connect to my wifi, so all I can do is use my iPad until circumstances improve. At this point, since there are maybe three people that even read this blog I’ll say it’s all good.

I jokingly told a friend last night that I should do a shout out since a couple of them discovered this little hobby of mine. Why is it so intimidating to know IRL friends might read what I write? So a shout out I shall do! Now promise me you’ll let me know if you’ve been stalking!

After talking with you guys about being a “blogger”, and mentioning my original blog I had in 2012, I went down memory lane. It was a lifestyle blog so I wrote about parenting, family history, cooking, crafting, and anything in between. Looking back, I’m proud of what we accomplished in that space. We documented some really good memories and current (at the time) events. All this to say, if your really interested in checking it out try this link. End Shout Out.

So what is my plan now? I’ve been off track with my planner so that is a priority and I’ll do a catchup session for those. I also ordered a Filofax because the Happy Planner is just too bulky to carry in my purse. I think that will be a post all its own to discuss what my plans are for those two. I’m still trying to figure out the best use for my newbie and how I want to customize my inserts. It’s a little challenging not having computer access so I’m not sure how soon that will be.

Other ideas I have been pondering include sharing some of my printables (old and new), increasing my IG presence, and whether or not I want to jump on the etsy bandwagon. I’m not really sure, I still have some evaluating to do to see how much effort I really want to put into this hobby. That’s it for now, thanks for stopping by. 

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