2015 Planner Layouts, Week #37

2015 Planner Layouts, Week #37

Hey There!

Ready for another installment of my weekly planner layout? In my opinion, this one is a hot mess! I’ve mentioned before how I’m trying to figure out my decorating style so for this layout I decided to make use of the tons of Me & My Big Ideas Stickers I’ve acquired. Yep, I added lots of stickers before filling in my notes. I made it work but I don’t think I’ll be doing that process again. Here’s a sneak peek I shared on Instagram.
Don’t get me wrong, I think this view looks great but wait until you see the finished layout. It feels very incohesive and cluttered. I made a few of my own clear stickers to tide me over while I decide on my permanent solution.  For my task lists, I layered most them over stickies from my Happy Planner set. I also made column headings for my side notes using really cute fonts. 

 This is the first half of my week. I felt like it was pretty creative how I made the stickers and flags work. This made it a bit more color coordinated for my related tasks.

I think these column headings will be what I continue with in my new Happy Planner but on the notes side. I like the idea of a five day work week but everyday life has no off days so I’ll be utilizing that in my new Blog Planner I set up using my extra HP Expansion Pack pages. 
I can’t wait for my new planner to get here this Wednesday! In addition to dividing out my Blog Planner, I have added a new one to my team for Homeschooling. Looks like an update will be in the works real soon. Thanks for checking me out, hope to see you soon.

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