Outgoing Pocket Letter

Outgoing Pocket Letter

Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed my last post featuring my planner layouts from last week. 

Today, is a little different, as in not planner related. I don’t think Naomi would mind me sharing my most recent letter to her. I wanted to change it up a little since it was a follow up letter and also add some creativity to it. I went with a double sided Pocket Letter format so I could send some RAK. I love to send things in my letters hoping to bring a little cheer to my friend. This pocket letter is the first one I’ve done this way. I’ve done double sided but the new bit was writing my letter within each pocket. I had to pre-measure and make sure I left enough room to cut each block. Not too complicated, really.

You see how it went over to the back side? If you try this, you may want to keep that in mind when you cut or you’ll have to puzzle it back together. I’ve never exchanged goodies with this penpal before so I was a little unsure of what to include. Totally random. Even so, it’s just a RAK so I think she’ll like it anyways. 

I can’t wait to share some of my previous Pocket Letters with you! Have you done any Pocket Letters? or RAK lately? I’d love to check’em out, just tag me on IG. Well, there’s my brief write up. I hope you’ll come back early next week to see this weeks finished layout. 

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