2015 Planner Layouts, Week #36

2015 Planner Layouts, Week #36

Hi Friends,

I’m so excited to share another planner layout here on my brand spanking new blogeroo! I’m still feeling out my Happy Planner set up so this past week I kinda went a little sticker crazy. Midway through the week I realized the separated times of day will actually work better for me. You’ll want to see how I made it work in next weeks post. Like I said, I’m still finding what works for me so I am pondering how I want to do my checklist system and other such things. I’m leaning towards stamps because I can coordinate colors, but the stickers are soo much fun too. What do you prefer?

I want to show you my current ‘planner team’ I discussed in my 2016 Planner Search post. I didn’t include this picture last week because it was already planner pic heavy.

That is all kinds of color going on! I never know what direction I’ll end up when I start working on my planners but this one sure looks good. Ready for some close ups?
You may not be able to tell from this view but I’m trying to work within a five day work week. This works well in providing the additional space I need for general information I want to keep track of or accomplish.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like my handwriting and lately that has made it really hard to fill in my blocks. I don’t have the proper stamps to use for filling in a nice looking To Do list so this is what I’ve got going on for now. I recently picked up the Happy Planner Sticky Notes so those will eventually make an appearance on my pages.

Here’s the second half a little closer; notice my empty plan of action? I thought the monkey dance was appropriate. This was the last week of hosting my nieces for the summer so it wasn’t gonna happen anyways. You can see here how desperately I need some cute stamps in my planner. OR, I could work on my penmanship and write it myself but we know that’s no where as near fun! Lets move on to my Memory Planner set up.
Due to the nature of our activities this week, I didn’t have any pictures I felt worth printing out for these pages. I like having the freedom to make up the rules as I go eliminating the pressure to take pics of everything we do.

I’m trying to work through some of the supplies I have so this layout really makes me happy! In both pics you can see some of the new clips I made too.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside my planners. I scheduled myself to share my September #ListersGottaList but I haven’t even started. I found a system I’m excited to implement but this is supposed to be fun so I may just start prepping for next month and call it a wash. I guess we’ll both be surprised about what I post about later this week! See you then.

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